Spring Grove

1873 Atlas of Genesee County by F. W. Beers showing the Stockton's Pleasure Grounds

Thomas and Maria Stockton named the naturally flowing spring behind their newly built home, 'Spring Grove'.

The Spring Grove pleasure grounds of the Stockton family was eventually capped with concrete to stop the spring from bubbling out of the ground so it could be used as a lumber yard.

Several groups worked with the Genesee County Land Bank to uncap the spring and restore the area back to a natural wetland.  

The newly uncapped spring created two pools that provides habitat to a variety of wetland life and creatures.  Throughout the seasons waterfowl, cranes, and birds of all colors and sizes fill the grove with flight and song.

Walkways have been created to allow a peaceful stroll through the wetland and enjoy it's natural beauty.  It's no wonder the Stockton family wanted to settle here -- it's breathtaking!